My kid was amazed at the work that I do all day

My job as an iron worker is not for the faint of heart.

I am constantly out on a Ledge somewhere with pieces of stainless steel rebar.

I take my job very seriously. It is absolutely a must when you work in a dangerous environment like this one. When my wife suggested taking my son to work, I thought it was a terrible idea. The school was having one of those days where you take your kid to work so they can see what you do for a living. It’s supposed to help the kids learn about different types of careers that are available. My wife told me that she was going to be out of town that day for business. She suggested I take our son with me to the construction site. I work with iron and metal and rebar all day. I told her it was a dangerous idea, but she said that it would be good for our son to see what I do all day and how hard I work. My son was actually excited to go to the job site with me. He really didn’t know a lot about what I do for a living until that day. My son was amazed at the work that I do. I had him help me out with some of the heavy lifting. He carried stacks of rebar tie wire and other rebar supplies to and from the job site. We worked hard during that day and I took him out for a nice lunch with some of the other guys. I could tell that my son felt like he was one of us. I felt a lot of personal pride in that moment.

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