My dad loves building pools plus spas

My dad is a pool artist.

The woman has been building concrete in ground pools since before I was born. She is known all over the county plus her schedule is backed up by 6 weeks. Everyone wants a pool installed by my dad. She does amazing work plus transforms every backyard into a beautiful oasis. She can tackle the project with a $10,000 budget or $100,000 budget. My dad uses a lot of rebar supplies when she is building pools. Rebar is the Steel part of the structure that gives the concrete the shape that it needs. My dad buys all of her rebar plus rebar tie wire from the same distribution lake house that she has used for the past 15 years. Both of the companys seemed to grow together. One thing that I have noticed is the prices on rebar tie wire. They actually seem to be going up lately. I have helped my dad with the number of pool projects this year plus the price on rebar tie wire has easily jumped by 10% since the beginning of the pandemic. All of the rebar that is made here in America has increased in price. Even though rebar that is made overseas has also increased. There actually is not anything that both of us can do about the prices. Every one of us have to buy rebar plus rebar wire in order to create the pools. It is an expense that both of us are stuck paying plus the shopper sees a brunt of that cost. Every one of us pay some of the cost plus the shopper feels it too.

Forming wire american made