Renting out my apartment was a mess

I bought an apartment in Jacksonville, Florida since I thought I would be there for quite awhile.

  • Shortly afterwards I met the care of my life as well as my buddy and I moved further north.

I decided that I was going to rent my apartment out as well as make some money. It was such a pain in the butt. The turnover rate is so high. It felt like I was consistently going back to Florida in order to replace, paint, as well as then have people tour the place. I also hated that anytime something went wrong, I was the first iPhone call. I would hire a plumber just to unclog a toilet. It was costly as well as irritating. I wanted to prefer my modern life up north. I then decided that I had to unload this property. I tried listing with a real estate agent but that was a mess. The agent took forever to list the home as well as there were replacements she wanted me to make. I also had a lot of calls back as well as forth with her. It started to stress me out. So what I did instead is look for local apartment buyers in Florida. I found a Jax money buyer that was willing to take the place off my hands. It was a simple one day procedure. They looked at the house, gave me a price, I haggled, my buddy and I agreed, and now I am done. I don’t have any real estate in Florida anymore but have money on hand. I am now going to use that money to buy another apartment that works for my wifey as well as I.


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