Cement apartment means I can’t absolutely make replaces

I found an apartment on the water in Jacksonville that I decided that I had to have.

I bought the place as well as then learned about all its faults. For one it is a stone block house. It is impossible to do any replacements. You can’t access the floor to do plumbing. You can’t take walls down that are cement. The layout is just what it is. Adding electricity is a nightmare as well. Suddenly this great fixer upper apartment was just a big pain in the butt. I realized that I would either need to spend a whole bunch of money to make the apartment what I wanted or I could just sell it. So I listed it with a real estate agent. Any interested buyer wanted things replaced, but did they absolutely assume I wasn’t aware the dining room was seasoned? That the lavatory was on a weird level? There were a lot of things I wanted to change when I lived there that I wasn’t willing to spend money on. So why would I do it for a stranger. Not being willing to make replacements meant nobody would buy my apartment through an agent. So I took the listing down as well as started talking to Jacksonville apartment buyers. I found that money for apartment buyers is absolutely great about taking as is condition. I didn’t need to worry about the apartment being out of date. The stone framework wasn’t a concern for them either. They were willing to buy my block apartment for money. I am now happy that I am out of that situation as well as the next place I get into won’t be a stone slab.

sick of being a landlord