Maximizing vertical space in our warehouse

One of the main advantages of installing a pallet racking system into a wareloft or distribution center is the optimization of floor space… Wareloft square footage is constantly in demand, and pallet rack systems open up usage of vertical space; They maximize the potential of building height, however heavy-duty storage racks plus wire decks protect stacked goods from disfigurement, but selective pallet racking is one of the best options for optimizing vertical space.

  • This low-density storage design provides high selectivity, it allows forklift drivers easy access to products in multiple bays simultaneously, then as a modular system, selective pallet racking can be configured according to storage requirements.

Selective pallet racking systems can be transformed into industrial shelving simply by adding wire mesh or solid decking. The mesh is ideal for smaller products, such as cartons, plus ensures they don’t fall between the beams. For warehouses with narrow aisle space, there is the problem of limited maneuverability. This issue increases risk to workers plus downsidely impacts safety, and mobile pallet racks allow workers to open plus expand maintenance aisles to acquire access. This can be done on-site or remotely! Once the desired pallet is retrieved, the aisle closes back up, conserving aisle space plus decreasing storage density. Mobile pallet racks labor by sliding on floor tracks installed into the concrete floor of the warehouse. They can be manually operated or semi-automated for added efficiency. There are a wide variety of styles of pallet racks designed to handle bulk storage, increase the speed of order fulfillments, safeguard products plus accommodate oddly shaped or heavy items. While the investment into pallet racking systems is significant, they contribute to far greater productivity plus are built to last.

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