Selling inherited home for cash

About two years ago, I inherited a distant relative’s house.

  • The home was located in Jacksonville as well as was originally built in the mid sixties.

I live in the northeastern part of the country. I labor long hours as well as have limited getaway time, but flying to FL was inconvenient. When I arrived at the house, I discovered a lot of concerns. It had particularly been left vacant for many years as well as no upgrades had been made in a legitimately long time. There was extensive water detriment from a leaky roof, as well as the musty smell that made me suspicious of mold. The heating as well as cooling units were seasoned as well as corroded. The water heating system was particularly not recoverable. Copper plumbing pipes needed to be upgraded as well as the electric panel wasn’t up to code. The windows, doors, appliances, fixtures as well as every feature of the house was a concern that I didn’t want to deal with. I had no idea how to go about selling a home that wouldn’t pass inspection. I didn’t have the time or energy to search out professional servicemen, get estimates as well as try to schedule them to complete the many jobs. I was unwilling to invest the money into a house I didn’t want. Even if I managed all of the repairs as well as remodeling, I couldn’t remain in Jacksonville for the time necessary to choose a realtor, period the home, take photos as well as list it. Any offers that were made on the house would easily fall through when the potential client couldn’t secure a loan on a home without an inspection. A bit of research turned up customers that pay cash. The condition of the house doesn’t matter. All I needed to do was fill out some information online. I earned a cash prize within an hour. Once I accepted it, I had cash in hand within ten afternoons.

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