Selling my rental portfolio for money

I made the decision to buy a bunch of Portland, OR real estate. I decided that I was going to live off my portfolio in addition to just being a proprietor. Well I honestly didn’t like it. I found it disappointing dealing with renters. I was consistently getting calls about blocked sinks, driveways that need to be taken care of, in addition to troubles with the neighbors. I also was hounding people for money, stressing about unrented spaces, in addition to dealing with making repairs to the buildings. I barely made money from renting out. It was more work than it was worth truthfully. So I decided that I just wanted to sell my Portland, OR apartments. There were too many of them to list individually. It would have taken forever getting a real estate agent involved. I also didn’t want the agent taking a split of the money. I didn’t want to make replacements, kick out renters, or deal with staging either. So I ended up looking at selling my Portland, OR apartments for money. Cash for apartment offers are just great. With these you don’t need to do a thing. No replacements, no cleaning or staging. No real estate agent means no fees or closing costs either. It is just you in addition to the buyer. The money purchaser can get you a deal in a day rather than haggle for months! Once you agree on a price, you sign in addition to being good to go. With a large portfolio like mine, it was honestly nice being able to quickly go through the properties. I wanted to take the money in addition to investing in another place too.

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