Looking for a cash offer after the plumbing was wrecked

My ex-wife was definitely pretty crazy. Our relationship went from bad to downright sour. When I asked for a divorce she went inane. What she did was pour cement down all the drains in the home. The kitchen and bathroom were totally wrecked. Typically a home in Portland, Oregon should go for quite a bit of money. But, now my divorced home was basically worthless without extensive plumbing repairs. I didn’t want to deal with the plumber and try to hound my ex for those bills. She ended up getting nothing in the divorce for her stunt. I then didn’t bother listing my Portland real estate, I just did a cash offer. I looked for Oregon cash home buyers that would do a quick process. Cash for properties is the way to go honestly. When you need to sell a house fast and with some issues, a cash offer is what you can get. I liked that I didn’t need to do any repairs or worry about the plumbing. I was upfront with the guy about the issue and he wasn’t scared about it. He was totally on board to give me a fair price for what I had and sing some papers. I ended up with quite a bit of money and made out well in the voice. I was really glad that my ex-wife didn’t get any portion of the profits either. After destroying our home she didn’t deserve one penny. I hope I never run into her again. I have told everyone in Oregon that she is the type of person to pour cement down the drains. I hope nobody ever rents to her again.


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