The pallet rack logistics team helped me maximize space in the warehouse

A couple of years ago, I found a Duval county warehouse space downtown that was twice the size of the place where my business was currently located. I was running a small bakery and looking for a place that would allow me to expand. The new space had to be set up with lots of salvage and storage solutions. I found a warehouse that was completely empty. It was a pretty good deal and I made a low offer that was accepted. I contacted a Jacksonville freight pallet racking company nearby. The pallet rack logistics team helped me maximize space in the warehouse. They presented me with an efficient storage solution that would allow me to store and organize pallets. All of my items are stored on pallets until they are moved to the banking area. I needed the storage solutions to be out of the way. The pallet rack logistics team came up with several ideas that could work together to create a functional storage space. The freight pallet racking system provides lots of efficiency and storage in the warehouse and it helps me utilize space while still adhering to safety regulations. I have plenty of room to store all of the items necessary for baking large quantities of cupcakes, cookies, and assorted pastries. Now that I have the Jacksonville warehouse set up, my next move is to secure a space downtown where I can sell directly to the public. Currently my customers can only order online or on our website but I would like to increase my customer visibility by having a direct to customer link.
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