The lady hoarded about fifty cats in her house

My brother and I decided to make a cash offer on a house in my neighborhood.

The Jacksonville house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. If it was in good shape, it would easily fetch six figures. Unfortunately, the cluttered and run down property was previously owned by a hoarder. The lady hoarded about 50 cats in her house and the property smelled like a shelter. After we purchased the house for cash in Jacksonville, we spent five days getting rid of all the garments. We actually had to hire a crew to help clear all of the junk and debris. Animal control took all of the cats and we were left with a rotten and disgusting smell as well as all of the feces and urine that was soaked into the walls, flooring, and furniture. We completely gutted the property. We spend almost as much money on remodeling and renovations as we did to procure the property. The Jacksonville house looked good when we were done. Sadly, there was still a smell in the house that would not go away. Even after we painted and primed all of the walls, the smell of cats was still very strong. We had to buy an odor eliminating air purifier to place in the home for several weeks before the smell of cat urine was coming from the property. That was an expense we didn’t plan for and the cost to rent the air purifier from a Jacksonville company was about $2,000. I’m thankful that the process worked, even if it was expensive. Now we can finally put the house on the market.

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