Difficulties with sellers

When my husband and I bought our home, it was a stressful and difficult process.

As the buyers, we had our own real estate agent who took a fee. The sellers also had an agent, who took a considerable percentage. Despite a home inspector verifying that the roof was in good condition, the insurance company refused to provide coverage unless we had a new roof installed. We checked with numerous insurance companies and got the same result. The age of the roof made the house impossible to insure. Our house is over three thousand square feet, two stories and the roofline is rather intricate. Putting a new roof on the house was a huge investment. The sellers of the home had no other living arrangements worked out. Because of this, they insisted on a clause in the sale that allowed them to remain in the house for sixty days. My husband and I continued to pay rent on an apartment while owning an enormous house located right on the river. Since we technically owned the house, we were responsible for the taxes. During this transition period, the home seller called me up and asked if I wanted to purchase the chest freezer in the garage. I replied that I already owned that chest freezer. According to the sale agreement, all appliances were included in the price of the property. The seller had not read over the agreement carefully enough. He believed he could sell off the appliances. This turned into a rather nasty exchange between all parties involved. I had hoped the sellers would vacate the house early. Instead, I got another phone call two days before they were scheduled to move out, asking for an extension. I told them that we had given up our apartment and would be moving into our new house as planned.

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