My friend gives me discounts on building supplies like rebar because she’s a wholesaler

I have friends all over the city that come from different walks of life. For instance, I have a close buddy from high school who supports himself with two jobs: working as an electrician by day, and as a ballet dancer by night on the weekends. It might seem like an odd combination, but he’s out living his life and making the best of it every week. And since it was always his dream to be a ballet dancer, he’s technically achieving what he has always wanted while still working another career and supporting himself financially and not suffering as a result. Another friend of mine owns a restaurant and has faced constant adversity since the beginning of 2020 when reports of coronavirus started coming back from the east. While he weathered the inevitable lockdowns with a food delivery service, he hasn’t seen a return to pre-pandemic economic success yet. However, my friend Ruth owns a building supplies wholesaler and hasn’t done so well in years. She says that demand for building supplies is so high that she says products go out of stock as soon as they hit the shelves. Despite the high demand right now, she’s still kind enough to give me discounts on things like black steel rebar. I am learning how to weld right now and black steel rebar is a cheap alternative to corrosion resistant rebar like stainless steel and galvanized, zinc coated rebar. Ruth could make more money selling the black steel rebar to someone else, but she’s kind enough to give me a discount when I need it.


16GA black annealed bar wire