I was able to make a walkway from my porch to my driveway without needing steel rebar

It’s really nice to own your home, but it also involves a lot of work on my part. When I rented a townhouse for 10 years, I became accustomed to having the association pay for lawn maintenance on our behalf. Along with the water bill, it was all taken out of our monthly payments to the association. Now I have to mow my yard or pay a landscaper to do it for me. I have lots of tools and lawn equipment now so I opt to do the work myself, but I wouldn’t be afraid to hire help if I actually felt like I needed it at the end of the day. Right now there isn’t a ton of pressure to do anything beyond my normal home maintenance because I live alone and nothing is broken or in desperate need of updating. However, there are a few things I would like to complete before the end of the summer, and one of those I just recently finished within the last week. I wanted to make a concrete walkway connecting my driveway to my front porch because I was sick of trying to drag my grocery cart across stone pavers set into grass. At first I was looking at various kinds of steel rebar on the internet, such as galvanized steel rebar, because I assumed that I needed rebar to reinforce my concrete walkway. Since I was only pouring two inches of concrete, I learned that rebar was optional. Some people recommend using steel rebar tie wire in situations where your concrete is thicker than four inches in depth.

Galvanized Rebar wire ties