I passed out in the heat and feel down

Hydration is absolutely important.

The body is 70% water.

In order to stay hydrated, your body needs to have the ability to absorb water. Staying hydrated means drinking at least 64 oz of water every day. You should be drinking water morning, noon, and night. Hydration helps our body to naturally heal and function. I really don’t like the taste of water. I infrequently drink water unless my wife makes something for me that has a water packet. There are times when I have been severely dehydrated. It has caused a lot of problems during the summer months when I am working. I work outdoors and construction. I am constantly outside in the sun and I work with stainless steel metal all day. The rebar is very hot and I have to wear gloves to move the rebar pieces around. I was carrying some rebar and a stack of double loop wire ties. I started to feel very warm and faint and then I felt light-headed. The next thing that I remember was sitting in the office of my boss’s trailer. The guy told me that I passed out while I was carrying the rebar supplies. I didn’t remember any of that. I lost nearly 30 minutes of time. The paramedics said that I was severely dehydrated. The guy suggested that I start drinking a lot of water and don’t stop for the next 3 days. He gave me an IV and suggested that I follow up with my primary medical doctor the following day. The paramedics didn’t even take me to the hospital.


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