I only use American made rebar tie wire

It’s increasingly harder these days to find products that are American made.

One of my all time favorite guitar and amplifier manufacturers finally closed their American facility and moved their operations to southeast Asia completely.

While there are plenty of amazing import brands, this particular brand had built their reputations for decades on their American-made products. They had a level of quality that rivaled all import brands with prices that were much lower than the other domestic brands. Now they’re just another import guitar and amplifier manufacturer in an industry already over-saturated with them. They don’t have the love or following they used to have because they lost what made them unique and worth buying in the first place. So when I’m in the process of making a house for myself that I want to stand for decades while enduring whatever weather mother nature can throw at it, I’m going to look for American made materials at every step. While you can’t guarantee this with everything, I can surely use certified domestic wood, drywall, concrete, and rebar tie wire. It’s important to use quality rebar tie wire in your home, especially if it’s coastal and subject to high amounts of outdoor humidity. I considered using stainless steel rebar tie wire with a 14 gauge wire coil, but I opted for galvanized rebar tie wire instead. I’m hoping this becomes a house that I can pass down in my family from one generation to the next. Making sure the concrete is properly reinforced with the right kind of rebar tie wire is utterly important for long term stability.

Bar wire american made