I’m going to place my orders online now

I had a terrible time last week when I was at our local hardware store.

I was just there looking for some rebar wire ties because I was working on a big fence project for our yard.

We have a huge yard and we need to make it safe to let our two big Saint Bernards out so that they can’t break out and run away. Anyway, I was working on the fences and I ran out of rebar wire ties, which is what I’m using to tie up the fencing to the fence posts with. I was using 16 gauge double loop wire ties, and I wanted to keep using the same ones. I would have settled for the 18 gauge double loop wire tires if I couldn’t find the same kind that I was using before, but I really needed to get them quickly. I was on a tight schedule because our dogs were at the kennel and it costs a fortune to keep them in there! Anyway, I didn’t want to leave any part of the fence unfinished and so I really needed to go get those rebar wire ties. However, nobody working in the store knew what they even were. I got kind of irritated because the people didn’t seem to know what they were doing. Luckily, I had taken one with me and one of the guys told me that he had seen them in with the building materials department before finally we were able to find some and even though they weren’t the right size or length, they would work for what I needed them for. I was pretty annoyed that these guys didn’t seem to know what they were doing and that they didn’t have just what I wanted.


16g black annealed rebar tie wire