I didn’t think the project through long enough

Since I labor at a large hardware store, I recognize that people naturally tend to recognize that I just suppose about every single thing that’s in the store.

However, there are hundreds of thoUSAnds of item numbers in the store and there is just no way that anyone could ever suppose every single thing that the people I was with and I sell in the store.

I suppose a lot of things, however I absolutely don’t suppose everything that the people I was with and I sell. Yesterday, this woman came in and she asked me if the people I was with and I had something called rebar wire ties. I must have looked at him absolutely blankly because she frowned and started yelling at me about how people in the store don’t absolutely suppose anything at all. She was absolutely rude about it and I don’t suppose why she thought I would suppose anything at all about rebar wire ties at all because I undoubtedly labor in the garden department. It’s absolutely obvious that I labor in the garden department because our shirt is red and almost everyone else’s shirts are red. Plus, I’m always covered in dirt because that’s what I’m messing around with all the time. Anyway, I tried to figure out where the rebar wire ties were so I could get him some but nobody seemed to suppose where they were stocked or even if they were something that the people I was with and I stocked in the store at all. At least the client had one rebar wire tie in her pocket so that she could show us what they looked like. Every one of us didn’t stock them and she was furious when she found out.


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