I can’t believe that my husband uses so many of these things

My husband uses so many of these little fastening mechanisms called rebar wire ties that you just wouldn’t believe it. We own a fairly large farm and I guess there are just so many different uses for these things that we have to buy them by the bagful almost monthly. We use the rebar wire ties for all kinds of things around here, from tying up fence posts to fixing hay bales to attaching things in the barn. You would not believe all of the different things that we have to use wire for around here and these things are really great for all kinds of different uses. We have a ton of fence posts, because we have almost 1000 acres of pasture land. I really don’t know how many fence posts we have, but we use these rebar wire ties to tie them up all the time. Something is always breaking or tearing up around here, and having rebar wire ties in your sound bag or in the pack on your 4 wheeler is really important in the day to day life here on the farm. Last week, we ended up having to use rebar wire ties to tie up our entire irrigation system out in one of the north pastures. My husband also used them for tying all the tools up in the tool shed and for tightening up the mailbox at the end of the driveway. Since the rebar wire ties are super strong, we don’t really worry about them breaking. They are weatherproof and very durable. They are very handy to have around, that’s for sure.


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